An Editor’s Shelter-In-Place Diary 11-16-21: The Editing (and Life) Middle Ground

Copy can absolutely be over-edited. Clients will not be pleased with the results if their content comes back and is completely changed in tone, or cut down well beyond what they wanted. (Trust me on this.)…

What copy do you need to write in 2019?

Every December I take stock of the accumulated clutter my basement. Not exciting, but oh so necessary. Similarly, now a good moment to review small business or freelancing endeavors – including the written portion. In the New Year do you plan to stay put or mix things up with regards to your existing copy?

Writing and Editing as Art and Science

In late April my third-grader received homework relating to the elementary school’s annual “Science Matters Day”: explaining how music and sound relates to science.

We are a household of science buffs, so with customary gusto my son and I scoured the internet for sources that could inform his answer….