An Editor’s Shelter-In-Place Diary 11-16-21: The Editing (and Life) Middle Ground

Copy can absolutely be over-edited. Clients will not be pleased with the results if their content comes back and is completely changed in tone, or cut down well beyond what they wanted. (Trust me on this.)…

An Editor’s Shelter-In-Place Diary 8-6-21: Embracing My Editing Superpower

Earlier this year I wrote about deciding to remain a part-time freelance editor, instead of seeking full-time work. Since then I’ve decided to embrace the first, best use of my editing mojo…

An Editor’s Shelter-In-Place Diary 4-15-21: Hope Blooms; Blogging Task Blocks

My favorite rhododendron survived another winter to fully bloom, and I too made it through and finally received the COVID vaccine…

Planning to write a blog. Planning to view totality. (Similarities? Totally!)

I geek out about many things.

The need for an apostrophe before the last “s” in a word (singular possessive: “the cat’s kittens”) or after (plural possessive: “the cats’ kittens”). A perfect cup of hot tea. Any episode of Star Trek TOS (The Original Series, for you neophytes). Terrific historical fiction and non-fiction. Almost anything science-related and explainable in lay-person terms … including this year’s nationwide craze over the first total solar eclipse to traverse the continental United States since 1979!

I toyed with totality for a whole year. All (excuse the pun) the stars aligned: the eclipse took place on third week in August, our usual time for family summer vacations; my son’s camp ended the previous Friday; and the eclipse was going over the East Coast!

Planning the excursion was similar to the writing and editing process for any article or blog….