Pamela Barroway

Editor, Proofreader, Evaluator of Business Content

  1. Tracked Edits and Comments in a Blog / Email Newsletter: “Lose Yourself Find Yourself”
  2. Tracked Edits (First and Second Pass) plus Final Version of Press Release for ATNJ Education Fund
  3. Tracked Edits and Comments in a PDF: “Business Management Report: Improve Business Preparedness”
  4. Line Editing and Formatting a Manuscript on Mental Health and Women in Business
  5. Tracked Edits and Comments in a Blog Posted on LinkedIn: “The Ability of Conscious Choice”
  6. Editorial Assessment of a Manuscript on Business Financial Advice
  7. LinkedIn Profile Creation
  8. Researching and Writing a Long-Form Handout for a Women’s Leadership Forum
  9. Editing / Evaluation with Collaborative Commentary on a Blog: “What Present Has to do With Business”
  10. Edit and Proofread an Online Event Page: “Weave Value into Business Growth”

Additional samples are available upon request.