Researching and Writing a Long-Form Handout for a Women’s Leadership Forum

Choosing topics for a series of women’s leadership forums called the Women’s Leadership Roundtable (WLR), fully developing each topic through online research, and then writing a long-form handout. This is the fourth in the WLR series, entitled “Strategies for Women to Boldly Use Their Voices in the Workplace.”

  • Project Date: April 2019
  • Role: Writer, Researcher, Editor


  1. Determine topic for fourth WLR by asking: What are effective strategies for short-circuiting backlash that occurs – or preventing it from happening at all – when women professionals “speak up”?
    • Write the topic in the form of a compelling question.
    • Write several sentences about why the topic is pertinent to leadership.
    • Online research to determine three stats backed up by research.
    • Include other relevant articles/links found in research.
  2. Handout: Strategies for Women to Boldly Use Their Voices in the Workplace
    • Determined sectional focuses (three) to center and focus handout.
    • Researched strategies for each section.
    • Included relevant statistics.
    • Provided in Word, Google Docs, and PDF (below):

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