Editing + Proofreading + Writing Services

Basic Edit

A general proofreading with corrections for grammar and minor word usage or phrasing issues. View basic edits tracked within an article.

Intermediate Edit

A more thorough edit and proofing of work. Includes all the elements of a basic edit plus minor stylistic suggestions to promote a clear, consistent message. View intermediate edits tracked within an article.

Line Edit

A comprehensive edit that expands upon basic and intermediate edits with significant stylistic revisions to tighten the text where necessary and ensure topic clarity and a cohesive voice throughout. View line edits tracked within an article.

Short-form Writing

  • Content creation for projects of 250 words or less, including:
  • Bios / social profiles, marketing collateral
  • Social media across multiple platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Titles/headlines, blogs, banner ads

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Editing for

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