An Editor’s Shelter-In-Place Diary 4-15-21: Hope Blooms; Blogging Task Blocks

My favorite rhododendron survived another winter to fully bloom, and I too made it through and finally received the COVID vaccine.

Even while largely working and staying at home, I now venture out to a museum indoors here, a restaurant outdoors there. Still masking up (doubly so inside), still socially distancing.

And so I explore this new, new spring normal carefully, hopefully.

Block Out Time for the WHOLE Blogging Process

Here’s an exchange I had on a recent Twitter #BizapaloozaChat with host Ivana Taylor and fellow chat participant Leslie Williams:

The gist? Blogs are time consuming, from creation to publication to promotion. And while the hours spent will certainly vary, you still need to schedule your blogging activities accordingly. Here’s a typical breakdown of my processes:

  • Brainstorming ideas;
  • Writing a rough draft;
  • Putting the copy aside for a bit;
  • Edit, proof, and rewrite as needed;
  • Putting the copy aside for a bit;
  • Final editing and proofreading;
  • Searching for / choosing an image;
  • Placing website URL and logo on the image;
  • Format the copy in a new post on website (WordPress);
  • Upload image to website and insert into post;
  • Test any links;
  • Decide upon blog categories and tags;
  • Save draft and put aside for a bit;
  • Load preview for final reviewing and proofing;
  • Publish;
  • Write social media posts for promotion; and
  • Post promotional copy to social media.

That is a LOT of steps! But this is typical, even for a bimonthly / quarterly blog like mine.

Add every part of the blog – from start to finish – to a dedicated portion of your workday calendar. This will alleviate frustration by making the process routine and efficient, which in turn will actually save time and help limit grammatical errors and other embarrassing mistakes!

How do you handle your blogging practices? Share in the comments below!

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