An Editor’s Shelter-In-Place Diary 12-28-20: Looking to 2021 – Keep on Editing, Keep on Job Searching, Keep on Sheltering … for Now

This pandemic and blog series has blown past the nine-month mark. There is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel (as the saying goes) in the form of several different vaccines … but resolution is still months off. So I will keep on…

Keep on Editing

Editing is at the core of everything I do professionally, whether for clients on their projects or for myself in emails, social media, and other communications or writing.

I’ve been editing (and proofreading and writing) for a while. Often, I don’t give much thought to the process; but there are other times when I become conscious of myself editing (and proofreading and writing). This is a good thing!

Every skill requires both practice and active awareness to keep maintain a high level of competence. Even if one is extremely proficient at the skill, having welded it for years in a variety of settings.

So as I look forward to 2021, I will keep on editing and strive be mindful of the method in any number of moments.

Keep on Job Searching

A year ago I began actively looking for permanent work, as described in the November 2019 blog “You may need a current resume next month. Next week. Tomorrow. Today!” After a couple of interviews the search came to a screeching halt during the March COVID-19 lockdowns.

Navigating a new work-life reality of son/husband/myself in our house 24/7 and my home office no longer mine (which I fully agreed to) … well, job hunting fell out of the top-10 of the to-do list for months. I applied to permanent jobs and freelance gigs here and there, but didn’t really pick up the search until late November.

Because coronavirus is still with us for the foreseeable future – even as the vaccines roll out – I’m limiting my applications to fully remote positions … and within those positions, I’m focusing on editing / copyediting / proofreading.

One thing this pandemic has reinforced: work at something you enjoy, because life is seriously too short to spend working on something you don’t. In my case, that means a primary professional focus as an editor.

Keep on Sheltering … for Now

Our family has no preexisting conditions of note, so our turn to get one of the vaccines won’t occur till sometime later in the spring of 2021.

Until then, we’ll mostly keep sheltering in place with occasional socially-distanced forays outside – full masked, of course. This Editor’s Shelter-In-Place Diary series will likewise continue, for at least a little while longer.

I wish all of you a happy and safe New Year. See you in 2021!

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