An Editor’s Shelter-In-Place Diary 7-14-20: Website Images … Bike Riding … Adapting

Everything moves forward with time. Adapts to new and changing circumstances.

We adjust as well – right now to the realities of work and life during the evolving coronavirus pandemic.

New Jersey began reopening in a limited way throughout June and July. As a result my routine has shifted … somewhat. Such as getting takeout favorite restaurants once or twice a week. And bike riding at trails within the tristate area (more on that later). When in public it’s all masks, all the time. But mostly my family and I are still sheltering in place for a good part of the work day. And the work does indeed continue, including on this website.

Ongoing Website Overhaul: Supplemental Pictures

The latest updates here on involve a couple of small but important housecleaning tasks: replacing the images that do not incorporate photos of myself. These contain include words, messages, and objects that enhance my brand and professional focus (i.e. editing, proofreading, short-form writing).

As with profile pics, you should refresh the other website images periodically. Finding suitable candidates need not be as costly or time-intensive as having a professional business photoshoot. Still, give some serious thought about what you want to convey with regard to your business, messaging, branding, etc.

For example, don’t choose just for the sake of beauty; instead, first consider:

  1. How does the image truly relate to your product or service?
  2. Can website visitors “get” the underlying meaning right away?
  3. Will the picture serve as an effective CTA (call-to-action) for existing / potential clients?

Once you answer questions like these, the search can begin!

I considered stock images on several fee-based websites including Shutterstock and iStock, as well as free sites such as Pixabay. (Bonny Clayton / Your Web Chick provides an excellent rundown of Pixabay and other no-cost options on her blog.) Eventually I purchased a package of five nifty images from Shutterstock, including the one below now appearing on my Portfolio page:


Summer Riding on the Rail Trails (and Other Bicycling Adventures)

My kid’s sleepaway camp was cancelled due to coronavirus, and one of the hodgepodge of summertime socially-distanced activities is bicycling.

Since mid-June I’ve been venturing further afield for weekly bicycling half-day trips with my son. I load our bikes onto the Kuat Sherpa 2.0 rack the night before, because we start early – by 7:00 a.m. – as the temperature soars to the 90s by late morning. We travel to local rail trails and other bicycling paths within a two-hour radius.

We opt for trails that are four-plus miles in one direction, so riding lasts anywhere from one-and-a-half to two-hours. A couple favorites so far in New Jersey and Delaware:

Going early means sparse crowds (though we always wear face masks, of course), and being outdoors somewhere other than the backyard is glorious.

Cycling on the JAM

I recommend the app / website to plan your trip. There you will find detailed descriptions of local trails, as well as detailed, interactive maps. The app is free, but a yearly subscription comes with the bonus of downloading maps for offline use.

How are you adapting to work and play this summer during COVID-19? Please share in the comments below!

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