An Editor’s Shelter-In-Place Diary 5-14-20: Website Revamp & Bulb Update

Two full months into the coronavirus stay-at-home life, I’ve finally tackled a task put off for far too long: revisions to this website.

Why did I not do this earlier? Surely there was plenty of time at home from the start. Right?

Wrong. So, so wrong. (See my first entry in this series for details.)

But, finally, my family found a fairly good rhythm – a schedule that works for us all, without driving each other batty (mostly). And so I was able to focus … in fits and starts … on making much-needed website updates.

What Every Business Website Needs Periodically: An Overview and Overhaul

Editors, writers, proofreaders – we all need to periodically reassess and update our websites, regardless of the site’s simplicity or complexity. This should happen in concert with an evaluation of business goals, at minimum once or twice a year, if not quarterly. (A good practice for all businesses, actually.)

My last website overhaul occurred in the summer of 2018. (I know, I know.) The current round of changes include:

  • New profile pics from a January business photoshoot in January. (Check out my photographer, Artistry By Danielle K – she is crazy talented!)
  • Other new complementary website images.
  • Home (“About”) and Services pages copy revisions reflecting my professional focus at this time – primarily editing, proofreading, evaluation, and – to a lesser extent – short-form writing (250 words or less) of business content.
  • Website URL / name change from to

That’s right! I am retiring “Barroway Editing.” A number of factors informed this decision (this is where reassessing business / professional trajectory and goals comes into play). Though still freelancing, I’m also looking for more permanent remote work. Since – professionally speaking – I am also my brand in either case, changing the website to “Pamela Barroway” was a natural progression.

Home Page Image wo Copy 043020.
Brand-new home page photo of yours truly.

Still working out the kinks in actually switching URLs, though. Protip: never attempt changing the site address in the WordPress Settings section if uncertain of the process. Let’s just say I deleted the website from existence for several hours. (Thanks Jess Dewell, for fixing the mess.)

More changes to the website will be forthcoming; again, business website maintenance and upkeep should be an always-evolving process. In the meantime, please take a look around and see what’s new. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Bulbs: They’re Alive! (Mostly)

Our surviving tulips are still numbering five, but a total of seven Narcissus have grown, breaking through the earth. One tulip has truly bloomed, but a few more appear to be close to showing off actual flowers!

Five tulips (and a single Narcissus) poking through the ground, and one pink bloom!
The other six Narcissus, a promising display.

Not bad for a bunch of bulbs spending the winter in the garage, in a mesh bag on top of a garbage can, and then planted very late (in early April).

I hope your stay-at-home efforts – professional and personal – are bearing fruit as well!

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