#EditorsFiguringOut … A Social Media Marketing Schedule

081618_EditorsFiguringOut1_SocialMediaPlan_BarrowayEditing_3Do freelance editors truly need to do social media marketing? YES – resoundingly so. Even if most of the business is local, those locals need to see the editor is comfortable online as well as off. Such is the digital world we now inhabit. Plus, a well-thought-out, targeted social media calendar can lead to greater online peer / client connections, referrals and (paying) jobs.

Whether you’re just starting or – like me – are trying to revamp an existing social media schedule, the process can be daunting, with many variables to pull together into a straightforward, cohesive and strategic social marketing calendar.

I’ve written and edited social media for many clients. But deciding what goes where, when and how often? Beyond knowing to focus on a maximum of two or three platforms, I’ve a few nebulous ideas, sure, but creating a whole schedule is frankly not my forte. So, I did the next best smart thing.

Ask for help!

Assistance comes in a couple of forms, including:

  1. Outsourcing the task to a paid social media manager.
  2. Seeking out (and be willing to pay for) assistance from someone with expertise, who can help set up a realistic social media calendar that an editor will then maintain.

Very recently I followed the second option, where the word “realistic” is key. Specifically, a creation of a schedule you do not find overwhelming and will therefore commit to sustaining over time.

Do your due diligence.

Make sure whoever assists you (social media manager or other expert) knows their stuff, which includes reviewing:

  • LinkedIn profile / website / resume.
  • Social media marketing calendars they’ve created.
  • References to contact by phone or email – i.e. clients for whom they have actually completed work.

If the prospective service provider cannot offer the last two, then move on to someone who can – even if a trusted professional peer or friend supplied the referral. You’ll save yourself lots of grief.

Unique, like your editing business.

Whatever path you take in developing a social media marketing schedule, the results will be unique – tailored to your editorial niche, business goals, client base.

How did you put together a social media plan, and what were the results? Did you keep it going over time? Please share your experience in the comments section below!

#EditorsFiguringOut is a new periodic blogging effort at focusing on topics important to freelance editors.

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