March 2018 … Certainties … Uncertainties. Or, plowing through (with some Women’s History Month inspiration).

The first day of March began with clouds and ended with rain.

The second day of March began with rain and ended with
snow and lots of horizontally-blowing wind.

The third day of March began with clouds and ended with sunshine.

This much is undeniable, because those three days are already history. But what would the remainder of March’s first week bring? How about the second, third or fourth? At the time of this writing, questions bursting with uncertainty.

Uncertainty is disquieting. Uncertainty is paralyzing. It’s much easier to put the thoughts of what-might-happen aside … along with so much else.

  • What to write in that blog post? I’ll think about that tomorrow.
  • The website needs updating. Oh well, it’ll keep till after the weekend.
  • Will formatting of the new portfolio editing samples look professional? Too stressful to work on.
  • Will I make any solid connections at the networking event? It starts so early in the morning.

Procrastination is an old, comfortable robe that’s all to convenient to slip on when dealing with indecision.

Women who didn’t let uncertainty get in their way.

March is also Women’s History Month. A few weeks ago I browsed through the National Women’s History Project 2018 Honorees. Women who didn’t give in to adversity or doubt – and for purposes much weightier than deciding what to blog about.

A local (New Jersey) 2018 Women’s History Month Celebration recognizes such women, all but one whom I had not heard of previously (the amazing Winn Khuong):

  • Uyen (Winn) Khoung, Co-Founder of Action Together New Jersey
  • Amy Anderson, NJEA Teacher of the Year, Ocean City High School
  • Wilda Diaz, Mayor of Perth Amboy
  • Ruth Mandel, Director of Eagleton Institute of Politics Ruth Mandel
  • Audrey Meyers, President and CEO of Valley Health System
  • Rev. Tiffany Williams, Founder of The Esther Project

Examples of extraordinary women are everywhere! Just look around. If they can power through uncertainty (because everyone experiences doubt at one time or another), so can you … so can I!

With that, the first Barroway Editing blog of 2018 is officially complete. Onward!

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