Cursive, curses? No! Cursive, creative.


Another holiday season, another slew of season’s greetings cards to send out.

I always compose brief notes on each card. For the occasion, I break out my (somewhat rusty) cursive writing skills … after first doing a practice sentence, an old typing drill which employs every letter in the alphabet:


Not bad, right?

Despite a long, interesting history, cursive is going out of style fast. Friends my age can read cursive, but most of their kids can’t. My son’s elementary school – much to my dismay – doesn’t allocate any time for its instruction! I instead decided to teach him myself; here’s a sample that makes this mom proud:


So, Ethan can now read and write cursive; but how useful is that ability over time, in an ever-more digital world? Will knowing script go beyond honing fine motor skills and improve his reading comprehension? The general consensus is, thus far, no.

But I have a different take. Proficiency in and use (however infrequent) of script promotes an appreciation for the writing and editing process in a larger sense. Cultivating such a perspective is beneficial, especially when working on a blog or novel.

Beauty and attentiveness is intrinsic in cursive. It is a form of art, akin to thoughtful writing and editing. Or as my southpaw son says, “It’s cool.”

“Write” on(ward)!

One thought on “Cursive, curses? No! Cursive, creative.

  1. Somewhere between my oldest (now 17 yrs) and middle child (13 yrs) they eliminated teaching cursive in our schools. It’s kind of sad really. I think it is a form of art now. 🙂


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