(Writing) Truth in Fortune Cookies

Once a month my family goes to Chez Elena Wu for Wednesday night dinner. Reasons:

  • It’s two minutes from my husband’s office.
  • Mom’s weeknight cooking break.
  • Wonton soup.
  • Soft-shell crabs permanently on the menu!
  • Fortune cookies.
  • Fortune cookie fortunes.

In fact, breaking open the cookies and sharing our respective fortunes is a ritual. I read first, Ken is second and our son Ethan goes last.

The fortunes are often laughably silly (and grammatically incorrect). But every now and then a gem appears, as it did last Wednesday for Ethan:


“Good writing is clear thinking made visible.”

WOW! I cannot think of a more concise explanation of what I do, and why I love doing it.

When agonizing over that bit of content (for a book, website, social media, blog, marketing, email) to get the message just right, think of this fortune cookie jewel. Focus on the anticipated, splendid results of your writing and editing efforts!

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