It’s 2016 … Straighten Up and Stride Forward!

Exactly one week and a day ago, I was wandering around the Palm Beach Zoo (in Florida) with my husband and son, enjoying 80-plus degree winter/holiday break weather. Not thinking about work. At. All.

After three relaxing hours (except for the bugs), I took the following photo as we were leaving:

Rubbernecking flamingos. Very still … waiting, as if in anticipation of an important event.

On this first Tuesday of 2016, I too am anticipating goings-on in the new year — including those in business. What editorial challenges lie ahead? Who will become that next networking contact? What copywriting topics await? Where and when will I learn a cool new skill?

But passively lingering, akin to the near-motionless flamingos? Not likely!

Knowledge can’t be acquired without effort. New projects and client/business/peer connections won’t appear without action. (Unsure where to begin? Check out this terrific Jessica Dewell article and #ShoutAbout video on how to be someone’s work solution.)

Time to stand up, square those shoulders and move proactively into 2016!

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